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Is this the journal with all the sweet hook-ups?

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Hi! You have come to sweethookups! Here you will get hook-up'd with some of the hottest deals around on video games, DVDs, electronics, video games, and more video games! ^__^ I think you can tell me focus here! I will also be putting some posts/tutorials of some sites I have done to receive "free gifts." We have all heard about them, and I am sure many of you wonder if they work or not and if they do, what is the catch. Well, I have done a few, and they do work - if you know which ones to do and how to do them.

I am just a college student who loves video games, hates spending a lot of money and loves free things. I work for no one, answer to no one. I keep finding good deals on shit, no reason why I should not share the love with everyone else out there!

All recent deals/posts can be seen on the toolbar to the left, so you can see the most recent deals if you missed some on your friends' list or do not want the constant updates filling your friends' list. ^_^

As is noted on the info page of this community, most of these deals I find are from other sites. This journal is for sharing those deals with people who don't frequent those sites, never heard of those sites, don't like digging through those sites, etc and so forth. I want to share my love of getting deals with my friends and anyone else who wants in - nothing else. So don't bother posting "you stole this from so-and-so site: a lot of those deals are taken from other sites as well, kiddos, and I don't hear anyone crying about that. It's called sharing.

As of now, everyone is free to comment on my posts, but I am the only one who can make posts. If you do have any deals you would like to have posted here, for now please leave a comment on the newest post. I will look at it, delete your comment to keep the comment pages clean and then post it if I think it is post worthy. I take anything that is a hot deal and you think other people would want to take advantage!

Anyway, I am Tony and I wish you all good hunting! ^_^

Much love for their supply of info:
*FatWallet forums
*DVDTalk Forums